Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Layout ?

Hello dear readers! For the past few weeks or so I've been toying with the idea of a new layout and some new features. But I need a little help!

Readers - Do you have any ideas/tips for me about what you would like to see here at Frugal & Fabulous? Please comment or email me at frugalfab at

Bloggers - where did you get your layout? Did you make your own or find it?

And of course, if there are any generous and graphically skilled readers out there - I'd love to talk to you about a layout design in exchange for some publicity. :)

What do you think? LMK!

3 gave me some sugar:

Unknown said...

I made my own layout. Check out for a tutorial.

Trina said...

I sent you an email because my comment was way too long :)

Heather said...

I love that you're including frugal recipes now. It's interesting to see how you put all your purchases to work while staying withing your budget. Speaking of which, I'm very impressed that you came in under your $150 budget for January. Way to go!

I understand about wanting a new layout. I've been dying for a redesign myself and I've only had the current layout for about six months! You'll probably be able to find some reasonable designers through a search. A lot of SAHMs design blogs to make a little extra cash for the family. If I come across one I'll let you know.