Monday, February 9, 2009

Menu Plan Monday! 2/10-2/13

Here's what's on this week's menu:

Monday: Pasta & vegetables

Tuesday: TBD! (Got an idea for me? LMK!)

Wednesday: Baked Potato Soup (link coming soon)

Thursday: The return of the infamous Brown Sugar Chicken, rice, carrots

Friday: Homemade chicken pot pie, vegetables, mashed potatoes

Check out more menu plan ideas at Org Junkie's Menu Plan Monday!

2 gave me some sugar:

Lisa B. said...

Sounds like a good week of meals. On Tuesday, how bout pizza?

Unknown said...

Tuesday-how about some fried potatoes and hotdogs. YUMMY! Cheap, simple and yummy! I fry up sliced potatoes, onions and hotdogs in a pan! SOOO GOOD!