Thursday, January 8, 2009

Walgreens - more Garnier!

Just a quick run! :)

  • 4 - Assorted Garnier products (clearanced to $2.19 ea) used four $1/1 MFCs and had the ES book coupon scanned four times (-$2.00 ea) = -$3.24!
  • 1 - Revlon Lengthening Mascara (clearanced to $1.79) used $2/1 MFC that the cashier adjusted down (by modifying price of item) = FREE (no overage :( )
  • 1 - Slim Quick = $4.00 (free after RRs!)
Total: $.76 + $.04 tax = $.80 on a giftcard
Received $4 in Register Rewards for Slim Quick!
Total "Profit" for trip = $3.20!

3 gave me some sugar:

lo said...

What is this easy saver book? I've never been to Walgreen's because it's not too close but am willing to get on the bus and go if it means some free Garnier. Can I get the easy saver book there? Do I need a card?


Lindsay said...

Hi Lo! Yes the Easy Saver Book is available at Walgreens. This month it's purple and should be right near the ads when you walk in. If you don't see it ask a cashier. Have the cashier scan the coupon (you don't have to rip it out)when you're checking out.

Lindsay said...

And no, you do not need a card.