Friday, January 9, 2009

More CVS - Oil of Olay clearance!!!

Can't stay away from CVS this week! :)
  • 2 - Colgate Total ($5/2) used two $1.50/1 IPs = $2.00 (free after ECBs)
  • 2 - CVS Disinfectant wipes ($2.99 ea & B1G1 50% off so #2 was $1.49) used $3/1 CVS coupon = $1.48
  • 2 - Oil of Olay Facial Cleansers (clearanced to $1.00 ea) used two $1/1 MFCs = FREE! (I wish I had more coupons with me!!! )
  • 2 - Throat coolers ($4.99 ea) used B1G1 coupon = $4.99
  • 2 - Nasogels ($7.99 ea) used two $2/1 IPs = $11.98
Total: $20.45 (paid with $19.94 in ECBs and $.51 oop)
Received: $2 ecbs for Colgate, $9.98 for throat coolers, $15.98 for Nasogels
Total Profit for today's trip: $7.51 !!!!

Budget remaining for January: $119.19

7 gave me some sugar:

The Proverbs Wife said...

The nasogels should have a $3 per box mail in rebate inside. So it's a money maker if you still have your receipt and upc.

Lindsay said...

Thanks Hadias! I forgot about that ! :)

Frugal Jen said...

I added your link as another frugal site on my frugaljen blog.

Laurie said...

Oil of Olay clearanced to $1???? OMG! I'm so jealous!!

&& Don't forget, on the NeilMed rebate, all they need is a copy of your receipt so you can still submit the actual for the P&G coupon book rebate deal.

Unknown said...

Great job :)

The Coupon Junkie said...

Just wanted to let you know i added your blog to my list=)
Love your blog!!!

The Coupon Junkie said...

was the oil of olay in the regular isle? or was it somewhere different?...i went to one of our CVS's tonight and scanned a bunch and they all rang up reg. price! I hope i find some cause i have 3 $1.00 coupons!