Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A little outing...

to Stop & Shop!

  • 6 - Healthy Choice Meals (sale price $2.00 ea) used two $1/1 IPs and two $1/2 IPs = $8.00 (Buy 5 get $3 off your next order promotion so projected cost is 6/$5)
  • 2 - Hot Pockets ($2.00 ea) used $1/2 = $3.00
  • 3 - Green Giant Vegetables ($1.25 ea) used three $1/1 MFCs = $.75 (THANKS FOR THE TIP HEATHER P.!)
  • 2 - Ocean Spray Cranberry Juices ($1.67 ea) used $.55/1 doubled and $1/1 = 2/$1.24 ($.67 ea)
  • 5 - Quaker Oats Canisters ($1.50) used five $.60/1's doubled = 5/$1.50 ($.30 EA!!!)
Total: $14.49
Received $3 off next order

Total left for budget: $45.40

3 gave me some sugar:

Unknown said...

Well I FINALLY found the throat coolers for my ECBs! I literally went to FIVE CVSs (three of them twice for a grand total of 8 trips!) and finally hit pay dirt!
Thanks so much for the tip! I had my B1G1 coupons, too, so it was a great day!
Then, I went to McDonald's to reward myself with an iced coffee. And guess what? They were having a promotion where they were giving it away. FREE! Had to share with a like-minded person! lol
Have a great day!

TATYANA said...

Hello! Can you explain me how to double coupon at S S? Thank you

Lindsay said...

Hi Tatyana!
Any coupon up to $.99 should double at Stop and Shop (up to the price with no overage.) Sometimes a coupon will say "do not double" or if it's a peelie coupon it won't double. Most of the time it's at the discretion of the cashier.
Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

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