Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How to start CVSing THIS MONTH!

Frugal & Fab's Tip of the Week!
Alright readers! I have promised a few people that I would explain how to start CVSing.
(Read my background info on CVSing HERE!)

During the month of January, CVS is offering Children's Throat Cooler Icepops for $4.99 with $4.99 back in extra care bucks (i.e. "ECBs" or "EBs"). There is a limit of five on these which means you may buy up to five and get $4.99 back (on the bottom of your receipt) for each one.

Step one: Sign up for and print this coupon three times.
Step two: Go to CVS and buy two Throat Coolers. Use one of the coupons! You will pay $4.99* and get $9.98 back in ECBs!
Step three: Go to CVS again (or in a seperate transaction) and buy four more Throat Coolers (with the coupon you can get 6 even though there is a limit of 5). Pay with $9.98* in ECBs and the two additional B1G1 coupons.
Step four: Smile to yourself because you paid $4.99 for $19.96 in ECBs (just as good as CVS cash!!!)

Yes it's that easy!

Have questions? Need help ? Email me at frugalfab @ gmail.com !

*You may pay additional tax on these items depending on your location.

5 gave me some sugar:

Heather said...

Thanks, Lindsay!. I'm just starting to get into couponing again and love these tips!

Juicebox.mom said...

Thanks for your good explanations!! i've been doing Walgreens for awhile, but hear CVS is better so, with your help, I'm gonna try to jump on the bandwagon!

Laura said...

thanks! but...then what???
I've been heavy couponing since last summer but still am spending too much. I need help knowing when to stop!

I have not mastered CVS..so what would you spend the ECB on? or would you keep them and wait?


Melissa said...

I just found your blog, and I can't tell you how excited I am!
First off, you're from mass. Most blogs I find about frugality are from other places, with stores that I've never heard of, and while its cool to see how much they are saving, it doesn't help me start making savings like that.
And secondly, I never know where they get their coupons from! That's one of my biggest problems with trying to get into this. And I found everything you put here so informative and helpful!

also! I love love love your 'CVSing' tips. I would have never known! You have a new faithful reader. :)

Anonymous said...

Do you know if they are still offering ECB this month?