Sunday, January 4, 2009

Frugal & Fab - home of the $150 a month grocery budget!

I have decided to stick with my $150 a month grocery budget for 2009. (This is essentially $37.50 a week.) My budget includes all HBA & grocery purchases. I typically only spend $20-$28 a week on groceries for my husband, two cats and I. However, I wanted to give myself some extra wiggle room for stockpiling so that's why it's a little more.

I'm lucky to live near a store with great discount produce - it's not always the best place to shop (crowded & long lines) but I almost always can get the lowest price around (without coupons)!

Here's my first purchase of the year:

Mayo- $1.99
Pie Crust - $1.69
Gala apples - $.78 (@ $.99lb)
Green apples - $.81 (@ $.99lb)
4 pounds of chicken - $6.66 ($1.69lb) cheaper than BIG Y or S&S this week!!!
1 pound of cheddar cheese - $3.79 (ouch, but better than $2 an 8oz bag!)
1 eggplant - $.91 (@ $.79lb)
1 head of garlic - $.46 (@ $2.69lb)

Total: $17.09
Total left for month:$132.91

Sorry for the lapse in posting - it feels great to be back! :)

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Melissa said...

ha ha no worries on the posting!! I'm going to be pretty much MIA now that I'm working again.. until I can get into a new rythem! lol!