Monday, December 15, 2008

CVS & Walgreens - Saturday

Sorry for the delays in posting. We had some issues with one of our cats this weekend...She's okay right now but we're still trying to figure out what's wrong with her. :(

Check back later for some more posts!

CVS - (To the left, to the left)
  • 2 - Duracell Batteries ($3 ea) to finish off my $15 in Duracel - used MY LAST $5/2 :( = $1.00
  • 2 - Johnson's First Aid kits ($.99 ea) used $3/2 adjusted down... they were bums and refused to take it off three so I made them take out the last one... grrr = FREE
  • 2 - Blade deodorant sprays ($1.99 ea) used two $2/1 CVS coupons = FREE (these smell goooood!)
Total: $1.01 on a gift card (didn't have any small ECBs)
Received $5 ecb for Duracell
I saw my very first CVSer. And she wasn't friendly!!!!!!!!!

Walgreens (to the right)
  • 2 - Reynolds Wrap Foils (sale price $.99) used circular price adjuster (to $.99) and two $1/1 MFCs = FREE
  • 1 -Nestle Hot Chocolate ($1.00) used $.75/1 IP = $.25
  • 3 - Karo Syrup w/Vanilla (clearanced to $.49) used $.75/1 IP = $.72 (What should I use this for?)
Total = $.95 on ES giftcard... Was checked out by my absolute favorite Walgreens cashier, Nikki, - who sang "There's the coupon queen" when I got in line (3 people back!)

6 gave me some sugar:

Jennifer said...

OMG......I saw another CVS'er in the store yesterday & she was not friendly at all either!!! She was actually mad because I took the last Novomax meter that was on the shelf. She seen it in my cart & actually had the nerve to ask me if I really needed it!! I just said yes & walked on!!!

JANE4girls said...

great haul! you can use the karo syrup for peanut brittle or pecan pie. both very easy and most couponers have the stuff to make either!

I am making peanut brittle with mine!

Lindsay said...

Thank Erin! I will try that :)

OMG Jennifer!!! I would have been sooo mad!!!

frugalsuz said...

lol, can Nikki transfer to my stores? That's awesome. Hope your kitty is better soon!

Queen said...

what did the other CVSer do?? i hope the kitty is ok!


Laurie said...

I saw another couponer when I went CVSing at midnight on Thanksgiving. She wasn't friendly either!! She glared at my basket everytime we passed eachother.

Hope your kitty is ok!!