Thursday, November 20, 2008

Two couponers take on CVS!

With no issues?! Seriously, we couldn't believe it! My wonderful SIL and I spent a couple hours on Tuesday raiding CVS's stocks of batteries. Here's what I bought - I've seemed to lose my receipts but for every two packs of batteries I used a $5/2 CVS coupon and two $1.50/1 MFCs (THANK YOU SAM!!!) This resulted in... alot of overage!!! We're all set for Turkey day :)
Other bonuses: Critsophe @ 4.50 used $5 peelie = $.50 overage
Essence of beauty body butter @ 1.25 used $2 CVS coupon = $.75 overage

Woohoo!!! Again, sorry no breakdown!

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frugalsuz said...

That's awesome that you shopped with your SIL! My boyfriend will shop with me, and my sisters too (if I drag them), but it must be so nice to shop with someone else who "gets it" and is going after the deals too!