Monday, October 27, 2008

What are you buying for Christmas/Holiday gifts?

Hello all,
Anyone have any good ideas for holiday gifts this year? I'm at a loss for ideas and I want to get the majority of my shopping done by Thanksgiving (yeah right!) What are you buying this year? Are you using your stockpile and if so how? I'd love to hear! :)

Many thanks!

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Melissa said...

Hey there girlie!

Yes I'm using everything from couponing/hounding that wound up in the stockpile. At my local grocery store Jewel I found black reusable grocery bags that have the breast cancer ribbon on them. I figure those will be for the women and I got them in a 10/$10 get $3 off sale.. so 70 cents each.

I figure women will get everything from shavers to cleaning products, to candles, to chocolate. For the little girls (my little neices) 2 I've already been told can not accept toys so instead I'm getting those two dental products (I have a ton of kids stuff in my stockpile) and hair stuff. the other girls I got those Bonne Bell lipsmackers in fun flavors, nail polish, and little toys I found on clearance.

Men/Boys I found more reuseable grocery bags in Cubs/Bears that were 2/$4 ouch right? yeah. I've only bought 8 so far but just realized now I need to get a few more. Anyway for the boys they too will be getting shaving products, deoderant, candy, odds and ends.

I'm pretty much done so anything else I get in the time between will just be bonus.

Queen said...

all my girlfriends and female family members are getting gift bags with a body wash, loofah (or something kind of spongy thing), toothbrush and toothpaste, ROC face stuff, lipstick or lipgloss, nail polish....etc. i'll hopefully post a pic at some point soon!

Pavan said...

Well..I am planning to buy cheap jewelry gifts for all my family members this Christmas.Hope everyone of them finds it good.