Monday, October 13, 2008

Free prints, shipping and $10 merch credit!

Sorry for the lack of updates. My personal life has been overwhelmingly busy and I'm feeling pretty crappy health-wise lately. Not sure how much shopping I'll get to this week but I'm still hoping to make a trip to Rite Aid - hopefully there are still some free after rebate products left!

A nice deal:
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*This deal thanks to fat wallet

3 gave me some sugar:

Queen said...

don't forget to breathe! i hope you start feeling better soon!

Laurie said...

Hope you feel better!!

And to answer your question, Rite Aid still had most of the freebies. I decided to only get what I will probably use & of course the netipot. That must feel totally weird but I've wanted to try it.

Queen said...

EW sour milk! good thing we drink it really fast...