Friday, September 26, 2008

Walgreens 9/25 - I love this store!

My local store does a lot of promotional deals- especially around the double dip each month - the best part? I don't even need to know which Easy Saver coupons to use, they print the codes out for the cashiers and they just put them in!!! Here's what I bought- (Please know that YMMV): To my local readers Jenpc and Sam (This is the JAMES ST Store!!!)
  • 1 - Nutri Pals Vanilla Flavored Nutritional drinks 4 pk (Was supposed to be Free after ES but cost $1.00) - good thing I used a $1/1 ! = FREE!
  • 1 - Pert Plus (Family Size) rang up $.99 after Easy Saver Coupons, used $1.50/1 from an old insert = FREE (plus overage!)
  • 1 - Crest Pro Health ($4.49) This is what I actually came in for... Received $4.50 RR = FREE after RR !
  • 4 - Sobe Life Waters (Rang up $.15 after ES) = $.60 !
  • 4 - Snickers @ 25 cents ea (the clerk helping me find the life water insisted this was an awesome deal ;) ) = $1.00
  • 1 - Revlon nail polish (clearanced at $2.39) used $1/1 - I figured why not, I had coupons/overage to burn ! = $1.39
  • 1 - Chapstick (clearanced to $.39) wasn't sure if this was a good deal or not, should I go back for more?
  • 1 - Oversize 'coupon' book ( clearanced to $.69) I def should have bought more of these... guess I'll HAVE to go back tonight ;)
Total: $7.42 I was a little impulsive tonight...
used a $5 RR and $2.42 on my Easy Saver Gift Card (down to $3, how did that happen?!!)
Received a $4.50 RR and a happy husband!

2 gave me some sugar:

Meghan said...

My husband is a Chapstick FIEND! If they were chapstick brand, then $0.39 is a good deal and I would have purchased ALL of them. I believe the other day I snagged one near the check out and it was $1.99. But again, we go through so many tubes because he's seriously addicted.

frugalsuz said...

Don't forget that you can submit for a rebate on the Revlon nail polish and the Pert! That will bring your OOP even lower. :)