Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wags -9/13

Ugh! They were out of Robitussin and cleaners!!! Here's what I got instead:
  • 2 - Oust Sprays ($2.99) used $1/1 easy saver coupon (x2), $2/2 coupon and B1G1F = FREE!
  • 1 - Crest Pro Health ($4.49) out of coupons! :( = $4.49
  • 2 - Visine for contacts ($3.99) used $2/1 Easy Saver coupon and two $2/1 coupons = FREE! (well not really, read below!)
I used a $3/$10 for our grand opening sale so my total should have been around $1.50 with $4.50 RR's back.... well, you know it's never that easy!
My total came to $4.57 and I used a $1 RR from excedrin last week and paid the rest with my gift card (full knowing that once I got my reciept I'd have to figure it out.)

Come to find out one of the visines rang up for $6.49 (shelf tag was wrong) and neither of my $2/1 visines came off . GRR!!! So I asked the manager to help me out--- she wasn't super happy about it but she returned the visine (-$4.71), gave me back one of the $2/1's (she kept saying that she couldn't give me more than my subtotal) and rang up another $3.99 one which cost me in tax I'm assuming, 10 cents! So basically my total was around $.15! woohoo!! and I received $4.49 back!!!

of course I'll never get back that extra 30 minutes... lol :)

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