Monday, September 22, 2008

Quick note

Hi all!
Just a quick note to apologize for the light shopping last week. (Haha I know, stop snickering!) ;)One of my very best friends is getting married and I was busy cleaning & planning for her bachelorette party. She's also a reader - Hi MELIS!

I also wanted to share something I made for the party. It's one of my new favorite recipes from Crockpot 365 - Buffalo Chicken Dip ! I substituted Ranch dressing for the Blue Cheese (because that's what I had) and we ate it with Tostitos scoops and Tastefully Simple Beer Bread (mmm!)
It was pretty amazing if I do say so myself!

Let me know if you try it! :)

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Laurie said...

sounds yummy! i went to a bachelorette party this weekend, but i'm sure yours was better. :-) Food-wise at least. I'll send you an email later!

So dumb question, but I'm not sure...can you "roll" the walgreens RR? I did the mouthwash on Saturday but I'm not sure if I can roll it or not. Or do you just use them to buy something that is free after rebate and work it that way?

Yea, the four cards are a pain...two are mine, one is my mom's and then I have Ryan's. I was only supposed to help Ryan get started & use my mom's if there was a really good freebie, but her card gets $4/20 Qs EVERY single time I scan it. So not fair!

Anonymous said...

Oh baby! The Buffalo Dip was awesome. But my batchelorette party was amazing! I love you.
Light shopping week? haha

Queen said...

hope you had a great time at the wedding!