Friday, September 12, 2008

A little story about Walmart....

Let me first say that I got a nice letter in the mail yesterday from Reba @ CVS Corporate! I may frame it in my CVS Room, just for kicks. (And yes, we do call it the 'cvs room'.)

Anyway, on Wednesday night I ran to Walmart - just to pick up a few things. It ended up turning into a lot of things and a lot of coupons. Here's how it all went down:

ME: You're gonna hate me, I have a ton of coupons.

CASHIER: Hun, I get 'em all day long, it doesn't matter to me. (Yay!)

10 minutes later, the line has grown to about 6 people behind me and she's having trouble putting in my coupons....I have her take off some of the items, etc. I am, as per usual, calm but a little bit mortified.

ME: Thank you for being so patient!

CASHIER: It's totally okay. .... Your total is $8.xx!! You saved.... a lot! (initial total was about $50)

ME (to 3 women directly behind me): I'm sorry it's taken so long! (I expect glares)

WOMAN BEHIND ME: $8.xx! For all that!!! You go girl! I only have four coupons (shows coupons) I can't believe how good you did!

I look to the 5 other women in line, they all look at me nodding and saying things like "wow!" and "yeah, YOU GO GIRL!" It was like in the movies, when everything melts away and everyone is looking at you (yes, I know I'm dramatic!) And no this was not a dream!!!!
And I just stood there in this glow of awe. (lol.)

I told them about hotcouponworld (damn me for not having my blog on cards or something!) and went on my very merry way. (And one of the women chased after me with one of my bags filled with easy mac- this always happens at this Walmart!)

That goes in my proud couponing moments hall of fame!

Anyway, just wanted to share my happy moment. And apparently there still are decent cashiers in this world!!!!

3 gave me some sugar:

Queen said...

it's about time you get a good cashier! :D great haul!

Anonymous said...

aawww! That's amazing! People can be nasty but they even gave you props! A++++

Laurie said...

awesome! i've had cashiers get excited but never a whole line of people. make sure you scope out that cashier next time!!