Monday, September 29, 2008

CVS - why I hate CG B1G1 face q's

I bought:
  • 1 - Fusion Manual Razor (@ $9.99 - many of the manual razors come with 2 razor cartridges!!!) used $4/1 coupon = $5.00 (with $4 ecbs!)
  • 1 - Covergirl foundation ($5.49) used $1/1 and B1G1 Face product coupon (with $5.79 in ecbs - 5.79 ?)
  • 1 - Cover girl "cheeks" ($7.49) --- ugh, so the cashier took the foundation off as the free product, GRR!
  • 1 - Bayer Glucose Monitor ($14.99) used free up to $30 coupon (adjusted) and received 5 ecbs!)
  • 1 - Springfield Republican paper ($1.49)

Total: $13.99 (used 14 ECB adjusted down)
Received: 5.79 for CG, 5 for Bayer, 5 for Fusion

Not the best profit, (damn you CG!) but a profit nonetheless!

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4 gave me some sugar:

Queen said...

sometimes it seems like the covergirl is more trouble than it's worth, don't you think?

Sandi said...

Your cashier should have taken off the amount for the blush instead of the foundation. I just used my BOGO coupon last night, and purchased a blush as my free item as well. The coupon stated, "purchase a foundation, get a free face product". Plus, it did NOT say "...of equal or lesser value". I had a super-nice cashier who read the coupon herself and then took off the blush. Had she done it the other way around, I would have politely read the coupon for her. =)

I love reading your shopping deals! Thanks for sharing!!!

Lindsay said...

Beth - Yes, I def agree on the Covergirl! This isn't the first time I've had problems! But I do love free makeup!!!!

Thanks Sandi! You're totally right! I will pay attention next time!

JusFrugal said...

I was bad, I actually wrote in the price on the CG coupon so they would take off the right price. I got my "hand slapped" for doing it, and said sorry I was just trying to help, but at she took off the right price!