Monday, September 29, 2008

CVS 9/27 - i love clearance!

You can't take me anywhere. I really will buy anything if it's on clearance!
  • 5 - Almay facial soaps (LOOK FOR THESE! $.99) used five $1/1 = FREE
  • 1 - bath pillow (clearanced to $.49)
  • 2 - cotton rounds (clearanced to $.38 ea)
  • 2 - bags of decorative shells (clearanced to $.49 ea) haha I told you!
  • 2 - packages of toothpicks & containers (clearanced to $.25 ea)
  • 1 - box South Beach bars ($2.50) used $2/1 = 50 cents
  • 1 - package of stayfree ($3.99) was supposed to be $3.59! used $1/1 and received 2 ecb ! I think this was a monthly deal - I had never seen it before?
Total: $6.22 (on mostly junk, yikes!)
used 6 ecb and $.22 oop
received 2 ecb for Stayfree

7 gave me some sugar:

Laurie said...

Totally laughed out loud when I hit the two bags of shells line....

I've been looking for those Almay soaps everywhere, but I can never find them. Where were they?

Jennifer said...

OMG I have bought bags of shells before just because they are on clearance!!! My bathroom is a beach theme, but I really didn't need anymore shells. My daughter took them to play with!!!!!

Queen said...

normally anything under a dollar is a great deal, but seashells.....? two bags.....??? i dunno about you ;)

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the links, but everytime I print a malt o meal coupon it says "redeemable at Jewel-osco." Do yours say that?

Carrie said...

Hi Beth -- Ooh, I'd love to find a clearanced bath pillow since those things never last. Thanks for the heads up.

BTW, Jennifer -- I have seen that too but have not had problems redeeming them at CVS anyway. After all, it doesn't say "ONLY" at Jewel-Osco.

Carrie said...

whoops, I meant Lindsay, not Beth ... was lookning at Beth's comment I guess.

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

Haha! DH says the same thing about me - I cannot resist looking for the sale stuff no matter where we go!