Monday, August 25, 2008

Staples 8/24

So yesterday morning I thought I'd be brave and try to get some of the free school supplies at Staples. This is what I "bought":

  • 5 packages of eraser toppers = FREE! (I think the limit was 3 but the cashier gave them all to me)
  • 2 'slider' pencil cases= 5 cents ea!
  • 3 pencil sharpeners = FREE!

Total: 11 cents!

Verdict: Not sure it was worth the few things I bought, the 15-20 wait in line and the CRAZY CRAZY women buying 150 packages of eraser heads. It was a little ugly. Now I stockpile like crazy, but even I'm shaking my head going, why? Why not leave some for everybody else ("while supplies last"). But the people watching was priceless!

1 gave me some sugar:

Laurie said...

free? did you need any coupons? i might make a trip by today.