Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday's Mail (More like magazine Monday!)

  • Magazines: (ALL FREE!!!) Star!, The Nest (trial issue?) Country Home, BHG,
  • Catalogs: Barbie Collector (so fun!), LTD Commodities (fun gifts and things)
  • Coupons: Aveeno, Buitoni, Kashi & Stayfree
  • Samples: Burts Bees seeds (which were ripped open and empty- sad face!)

I'm sure my mail person hates me!

3 gave me some sugar:

Laurie said...

definitely going to check out All You. thanks for the tip!

Queen said...

thank you so much for that list! a person can only have so many hand soaps and cotton balls :)

JusFrugal said...

nice haul! my mailbox hasn't yielded me too much this week... yet