Thursday, August 14, 2008

CVS 8/12

I can't believe how good I did last night- and on accident to boot! :) I didn't realize the Sunscreen coupons would take off the full $1 instead of the 19 cents ea so I had $1.62 overage right there! I bought:
  • 2 - Johnson Buddies (99 cents ea) used $2.00 off 2 coupon = FREE!
  • 2 - CVS foaming soaps, ($1.99 ea, on sale B1G1 1/2 off) Used one $2/1 CVS Skincare coupon = 99 cents!
  • 1 - Alavert $4.00/1 ($5.99 with 3ecb back) = -$1.01 after ECB! LOOK FOR THE 18 ct bonus pack!!! :)
  • 2 - CVS 30 spf Sunscreen two $1/1 (on sale 19 cents ea!) = -81 cents ea!
  • 1 - Wheat Thins 2.50 (filler!)
  • 1 - Mentos 50 cents (filler)
  • CVS $2/$10 (ask me if you want this or the $2 CVS Skincare)

After looking at this again I'm beginning to think the cashier scanned one of the $2 coupons twice... I can't figure it out.
-1.98 (Buddies)
-2.00 (CVS skincare - soap)
-2.00 ($2/10)
-2.00 ????
-4.00 (Alavert)
-1.00 (Sunscreen)
-1.00 (Sunscreen)

Subtotal: 35 cents! with 3 ECB back!
I have a syndrome where I freak out when I'm 'under' and will grab the closest thing in sight. Atleast last night I managed to run and get some crackers instead of filling up on register candy. (Though I should have bought Hershey's for the Buy 10 get 5 deal!!!) What's your overage strategy?

2 gave me some sugar:

Laurie said...

the outlet is in Woonsocket, RI which is the next town over. Probably about 7 minutes from my house.

The Framingham CVS is ok. I usually go early in the morning and have the best cashier. My coupons always beep and he just puts them through anyway.

Oh and from what I see on HCW, all of the $1 suncare CRTs took $2 off when scanned. It happened to me too. Weeee! Bonuse!

As for coming up w/fillers on the spot, I freak and buy gum every time. I'm going to start getting something else though...maybe milk so I don't have to pay full price for it at S&S.

JusFrugal said...

where do you get the $2 CVS skincare coupon you always use?

Oh and some good news, your link finally registered on my bloglist... though it says no feed... but at least it gets people here!! :)