Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tips for New Couponers!

Here are some basic couponing tips:

1) CUT or SAVE ALL coupons. You'll never know what you (or someone else you know) might need.

2) Know where to get your coupons. The Sunday paper, sometimes local or free papers (we have the "Valley Advocate") I cannot tell you how many times I've gold mined on this paper.
Websites like http://www.hotcouponworld.com/ (check the forum called 'printables') http://www.smartsource.com/ and http://www.coupons.com/
You can also buy multiples of coupons on Ebay or from coupon cutter services.

3) Know the rules for the stores you shop at. Ask for a copy of your stores coupon policy!
Does the store double coupons? Accepted IP's (Internet Printables)? Accept expired or competitors coupons? These are all great things to know - and will help you get the best deal!

4) Start a stockpile! Stockpiling is basically buying
We call ours the 'CVS room.' It's so much easier (and much more frugal) than having to run out to buy something everytime you run out.

5) Stock up! Yes, this is similar to #4, but I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten a deal on something and then turned around a day later and said 'I should have bought more.' Which brings me to #6.

6) Know what a product typically costs and start a price book/list. Write down the price you pay for certain products. For instance, if you say "I hate paying more than $1.00 a bar for cream cheese," than you'll know to buy 3 bars of it (instead of 1) when it's on sale for $1 instead of having to run out and buy it when it's cranked up to $1.75 a bar. I know it sounds simple but think of how many times this has happened to you!

7) Don't be afraid to buy things you don't think you'll need (BUT ONLY IF IT IS FREE OR NEARLY FREE.) These items can be donated, sold or given away to friends and family (even as gifts.) --- [That's why I have 5 jars of relish in my pantry. ;) ]

8) Don't be afraid to ask for help! It takes time! And I'm always willing to help a newbie!

Questions for me? email me at frugalfab at gmail dot com

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Amy said...

Great tips! I'm having a tough time getting my hubby on board with #7. He doesn't understand why I had to buy diabetic foot cream, LOL!!!

Amy @ Notes from a Circus Clown

Unknown said...

These are great tips! Thank you for directing me to this post-I need all of the help that I can get-lol. It feels a bit overwhelming at times : )