Friday, May 9, 2008

Stop and Shop booty 5/8

Beazley insists on being in every picture! Here is what I bought at Stop and Shop for $2.36 !

3 boxes Live Active Cereal for DH (Reg price 3.49 - used three -$3 off coupons) - 49 cents a box!
3 Healthful Life dry cat food (Reg price 1.99- used three free item coupons) FREE!
2 Pasta Roni (Reg price $1.00 ea, used two 50 cent off coupons that doubled) FREE!
Venus Razor (Reg price $9.99) used $4.00 off coupon and received "$6 off your next order" coupon. FREE!
3 Companion Cat foods (3 for 89 cents)

I paid with a gift card - and it came to 8.36 (with 6 dollars back) so... $2.36 Not bad, right? The elderly man bagging my groceries turned to me as I was leaving and said "You won." ;)

I can't believe I actually found the Healthful Life!!!!

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